iKids U Instructor On Spring Break Camps

Even though the first day of Spring doesn’t arrive for another month, here at iKids U Spring Break begins March 13th! We are looking forward to a fun week filled with STEM activities,
crafts, games, and oh so much more.

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a spring break camper is like here at iKids U? Read on to find out!

As one of the many dedicated instructors working with our awesome kids on site, I have had the opportunity and honor to be a part of their day – from how it begins to how it ends – and all the fun programming in between. After saying “see you later” to their loved ones, your camper will engage in a variety of activities that will both challenge their minds and encourage them to move their bodies.

Enrichment during camp comes in many forms, from arts and crafts, science activities, brain games, LEGO building, music, and cooking activities!

Engaging the use of all five senses is one of our goals when developing curriculum for campers, all while focusing on positive interactions with friends and instructors.
To start our day, instructors lead a “check in” exercise with the group. This includes having the kids describe how they are feeling with a description based on the theme for that day. After
“check in”, campers read aloud the rules together as a reminder, and then we all review the “game plan” for the day. Depending on what the theme is for that day the campers will go ahead
and start their first activity. We always end our activities by washing our hands because then it’s snacktime!

Both before and after lunch, if your camper is signed up for extra enrichments (which include art, music, dance, and sports), they will head over to a nearby area to begin their 1:1 instruction. All other campers will participate in a fun, hands-on activity led by an instructor like me!

Following activity and extra enrichment time, we will all meet back in a full group to start our “end of the day” process. We work together with campers to gather up any crafts they made so
that they are ready to take home for you! We’ll do our end of day “check out” and talk about our highs and lows of the day as we wait for loved ones to arrive.

iKids always prioritizes each camper’s individual needs throughout the week of camp, encouraging them to build relationships and skills that can last a lifetime. Every child has a place
and a voice at iKids U; it’s a place where all kids can be themselves.

I hope to see you and your sweet kiddos at spring break camp or at one of our afterschool programs! For more information on afterschool options, camps, and additional childcare
inquiries, please visit our website at www.ikidsu.com.


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