A Letter From the Founders

iKids U founders Jonathan and Autumn Seiler


Since 2007, iKids U has been focused on creating and delivering organized, customized and enriching educational after-school programs in local schools.

With our backgrounds as a pediatric occupational therapist and a software engineer in the IT field, we got our start in this industry by offering technology enrichment classes in other after-school programs. Through that experience, and as working parents ourselves, we recognized that there was a lot that could be done to improve the after-school program model.

We soon began to develop our own model, one that addressed the problems we had observed in existing after-school programs: an apparent lack of organization and quality, the absence of qualified staff and supervisors to guide children and track attendance, poor staff-to-student ratios, mediocre curriculums, and no scheduling flexibility.

We decided to develop a program that changed all this – and that provided schools and families a streamlined, single source for out-of-school activities. The result was iKids U, an on-site, all-inclusive, after-school program that offered a suite of activities that were not only convenient and well-run but also designed to improve on the education and growth of children.

Since then, we’ve expanded our program offerings and the number of school districts where iKids U operates. Now, through the franchise program, others can help bring quality after-school programs to schools and families across the country.

Thank you for your interest in the iKids U program!

Jonathan and Autumn Seiler, iKids U Founders