Program Options

At iKids U, we know your child is a unique person with a variety of interests. And we know you want one place to handle all your after-school needs. That’s why we offer our flexible scheduling options. Choose the number of days, which days, and the type of activity you want for your child! Mix-and-match as you like!
Note: not all schools offer the same program options. Visit your child’s school’s Location page to find out what’s available at that location this school year or semester.

Stay & Play

The ‘Stay & Play’ program at iKids U is our most popular afterschool enrichment program for both Preschool and School-aged children across the US. Our students have the freedom to participate with their peers and friends in developmentally appropriate instructor-led variety classes, consisting of a balanced range of activities. In ‘Stay & Play’, iKids engage in hands-on creative, educational, and fun recreational enrichment opportunities throughout each afternoon while in our care. Our extensive curriculum covers arts and crafts, science activities, brain games, LEGO building, scavenger hunts, and even music! This program can be offered either as a licensed or private program at your child’s school depending on local requirements. Either way, our staff and program is built to meet or exceed the highest standards in childcare for your student. Enroll your child in iKids U’s ‘Stay & Play’ program today!

iKids U Enrichment Classes

iKids U stands apart from other After School options as we are a proud ‘One-Stop-Afterschool-Shop’™ provider for parents, kids and schools. Our convenient model offers a core after school care program, plus an exciting variety of super-fun, and educational one-hour weekly enrichment classes for elementary aged students. These fun introductory classes are geared with young learners in mind to help them spark an interest in a topic, and get the chance to explore that topic further. And our flexible model means parents can choose to enroll their children in JUST Enrichment, on any given day of the week certain classes are scheduled at their child’s school OR BOTH our ‘Stay & Play’ care program PLUS Enrichment. Check with your local iKids U office to request a favorite Enrichment class today for your child’s school. Families can choose from the following and more.


iKids U Art follows the principle that there are no mistakes in art, and helps foster a fun environment for students to fully explore their unique creativity. Teaching the fundamentals and basic design principles, whilst learning the extensive history and techniques of the medium, each student will understand what it means to be an artist. Students can enjoy lessons in surrealism, perspective, parody art, clay sculpture, painting, cartooning, recycle art and more! Nothing could be more beautiful than creating with friends – register today!

Brain Games

brain gamesBrain Games

It’s time for iKids to think outside the box! Brain Games includes exciting challenges and the space for kids to test their critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as teamwork and more! Our Brain Games time introduces children to fun games like chess, puzzles, science, math, and engineering-based projects and more. Working together with friends, our students foster positive esteem as they collaborate and positively compete to problem-solve like never before! This one’s a no-brainer – join us today!


Chess is a complex game, but incredibly fun and rewarding once you know how to play! From the basic rules, to the theory behind the game, iKids U Chess teaches kids the history and cultural heritage of this classic board game. Strategy, pawn structure, piece-value, chess vocabulary are all introduced and practiced in this exciting class. Chess tests and improves a multitude of skills, such as concentration, memory, and problem solving and our iKids have a ball improving their skills! Check mate – your child will be glad you registered them today for the fun!
Computers & Coding

Computers & Coding

Keyboarding, word processing, desktop publishing skills and more are explored in this computer-skills class. With exciting theme-based projects, basic to advanced curriculum designed for each age group allows for this all-inclusive course to cater to each student’s skill level. In addition to learning Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher, students in this class explore digital art and media techniques through Adobe Photoshop, Scratch and Windows Movie Maker to create photo transformation, animation, web design and short-film projects. Register today!


This is a “how-to” course on having fun in the kitchen! Students learn basic culinary techniques, kitchen safety and nutrition in this hands-on class. Young chefs learn the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon and other proper cooking terminology, and they gain firsthand experience in the kitchen as they mix, simmer and more to create a variety of delicious recipes. Register today!

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Everyone loves a good story. In iKids U Creative Writing, we allow everyone to bring their imagination to life and put pen to paper. Students are introduced to the basic building blocks of creative writing. Projects are centered around writing original pieces, poems, short stories, plays, and more! Each week, students are encouraged to share their work with classmates to improve their presentation skills. Imagine the fun and register today!



Time to tap those feet! In this variety class we introduce ballet, hip hop, creative movement, and more! Students will learn the basic positions, routines, good posture, stage presence, and the importance of including stretching exercise so as to be a master of their bodies and learn about healthy movement. Introducing iKids to all genres of music in our varied dance lessons allows students to learn about and create their own unique choreography and bust a move on the dance floor! Move on over and sign up with us now!



For future actors and actresses, iKids U Drama is the perfect class! Communication, confidence, expression, and fun are emphasized in the course. In this theatrical class, students are taught about all elements that are important to the art and creation of the dramatic process: Acting, screenwriting, costuming, construction, and improvisation techniques. Each iKids U Drama child will put these and many other skills to practice in a fun and unique mini-production at the end of each season! Let’s get a smile on your child’s face – register them today!
Fitness Fun

Fitness Fun

Being healthy is what leads to living happily and having more fun every day! Our iKids Fitness students love learning about the importance of staying fit and healthy by using movement and nutrition to enjoy fun activities such as yoga, obstacle courses, dancing, hula-hooping, and more. The class is taught in a manner that incorporates high-energy circuit training and other great techniques to help develop your child’s physical strength and fitness. Students also learn about the importance of building healthy habits as young people and learn how to keep a fitness journal and make nutritious snacks. Sign up for iKids U Fitness Fun today!

Foreign Language & Culture

Foreign Language & Culture

Our iKids U Language enrichment classes are both fun and informative! Students love learning how to read, write, and speak a variety of languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese and more. Check with your local iKids U office to discover more about the language program options offered locally. In each Language and Culture class, our little linguists have the opportunity to develop their vocabulary, pronunciation, as well as practice basic conversations with classmates and their instructors. iKids also learn about the different fun cultural aspects to help them get to know what makes the world go around with different people and countries. This course can focus on a single language each year OR be provided as a variety class for your student so be sure to check what’s on offer for your child with your director. And just say Si’ to register today!


Do you know where your food comes from? Did you know that tomatoes come from flowers? These and other great mysteries are solved in iKids Gardening class! iKids Gardening students enjoy working with gardening equipment, seeding, and planting fun flora as they receive hand-on experience in this fun and mucky life-skills class. From tilling to planting, to weeding and watering, this course covers the basic fundamentals of caring for a garden, how plants and bugs interact, and how important nurturing life can be. When possible, seasonal tasting sessions are also a part of this fun time! Can you dig it? Sign up today!

Group Music

Group Music

From singing songs to everyday sounds – music is all around! Our music enrichment covers an extensive variety of topics such as music theory, genres, composers, and instruments. We teach students how to read sheet music, recognize terms, keep rhythm, discover fresh musical sounds, and make their own instruments. Check with your local Program Director as we often bring in speciality music guest instructors, in addition to our music teachers, who have experience teaching kids how to play instruments such as piano, guitar, as well as practice their vocals. This class will make your child’s heart sing – register today!

Hip Hop


This speciality class focuses on the energetic dance genre of hip hop. Students are encouraged to be themselves in a fun team environment, practicing choreographed routines and coordination to improve their dancing ability. Each class leads to a cumulative performance at the end, allowing for the students to go through what they learned and show off their moves, as they get to also enjoy grooving to their favorite kid-friendly musical tunes and artists! Tap on the link and register today!


iKids U Karate teaches the martial arts principles that instill discipline, respect, self-defense, balance, and coordination in a fun but structured environment. Progressing through training to place powerful punches, kicks, and blocks, students get to demonstrate their abilities daily and may periodically go through belt testing throughout the school year. (Check with your local iKids U office for belt or non-belt programming options). In select locations, iKids U Karate students may also be invited to attend local tournaments (additional fees may apply). Feel the power and register today!
LEGO® Robotics

LEGO (R) Robotics

This theme-based enrichment course is focused on going through a LEGO® Adventure. Providing hands-on learning in an incredibly fun environment, students will explore the latest in LEGO® Education robot technology. The class follows building guides from a variety of LEGO® Robotics options and may include instruction in Mindstorm NXT or EV3 software, Weebotics, Sparq and other fun LEGO® tools. Older children will have the opportunity to build intricate robots, programming them to perform complex tasks using motors and sensors. Younger students get to create beginner and intermediate robots that plug into the computer, allowing robots to achieve assigned tasks and iKids to enjoy an introduction to the world of building and programming vehicles, machines, animals, lights, and more. iKids U LEGO® Robotics helps children express themselves creatively – developing their problem solving, technology, engineering, and teamwork skills. Click that button and sign up today!



iKids U photography is the fantastic, hands-on way we introduce our children to the basics of photography and photo editing. Lessons are designed to instruct students how to handle a camera, create their own macro, design pop art, film a documentary short, take landscape and portrait photographs, and learn about famous photographers and their different styles. Each child learns the fundamentals of how to manage the tools in Canva and GIMP to manipulate their digital photos. Topics such as tone, color, background, size, patterns, and color theory are all covered. Students may also utilize software such as Windows Movie Maker and Microsoft PowerPoint to display their unique works of art in a final gallery show at school. You get the picture – join us today!



Time to put on your lab coats! In iKids U Science, our junior scientists learn about the FUNdamentals of science. Students have the opportunity to participate in exciting experiments that introduce them to Biology, Chemistry, Astronomy, and Paleontology. Our Science students learn about the Scientific method, principles of observation, laws of science, lab safety and more so that each child can enjoy partaking in some radical reactions in our iKids U Scientists’ lab! Percolate some fun and register your child today!



iKids U Sewing is our incredibly fun, popular, and rewarding class that strengthens creativity, kinesthetic techniques, and even math skills. Students learn about the different kinds of stitches, how sewing helped sailors explore the world, and give a chance to kids to learn about different materials to understand the best time to use them in making their creations. This course covers both hand-stitching and how to use machines (for our more established sewers in years 3 and beyond), and shows students how to make their own patterns for a variety of projects. Activities range from the use of premade patterns to creations designed by the student themselves! Come get sewing and creating with us at iKids Sewing and sign up today!


As in our Modern Language Enrichment classes, iKids U Spanish introduces beginner learners to the basics of a foreign language, such as colors, numbers, and the Spanish alphabet. As our course progresses, we move to more advanced conversational lessons. These include clothing, calendar vocabulary, and clothing. We help students build a foundation to understand, speak, read, and write Spanish. Students will participate in fun and exciting activities like songs, games, and crafts to keep them engaged while learning a language! Check with your local director for any questions about your child’s language level to ensure full enjoyment. Register today!



Let’s shoot and score with iKids U Sports after school! This course helps our iKids stay ahead of the game as they are introduced to a variety of different sports and fitness activities and get to play with friends. Each child will learn the fundamental rules and skills of different sports including soccer, tennis, basketball, golf, flag football, and more. iKids Sports class trains your child to develop their athletic skills, good sportsmanship, improve gross motor skills, and promotes teamwork all while having fun! Weather permitting, this class is designed for outdoor and indoor training as we build some serious sporty fun into your child’s afternoon. Sign up today!

One-on-One Tutoring

One-on-ones provide the best personalized instruction with our expert staff, guiding each student towards academic success and growth at the child’s specific level. One-on-one tutoring at iKids U is tailored around each student’s individual needs. Personalized lesson time consists of the parent’s choice of reading, writing, math, and/ or music (guitar, piano, voice etc). iKids One-On-One music lessons focus on building the student’s knowledge of music theory, terminology and repertoire, while honing their specific instrumental or vocal skills.

We’re Flexible To Your School Year Needs!

Drop-In Days

Drop-In Days

For our already enrolled iKids, in the event of upcoming family schedule changes or unexpected schedule conflicts, iKids U offers a convenient drop-in day service. Check with your local director on terms and conditions for Drop-In Days for amount of notice needed to include your child. On these occasions, iKids U students are provided after school care for an additional fee.
Early Dismissal Play Days & Mini Camps

Early Dismissal Play Days & Mini Camps

The optional Early Dismissal Play Days are special afterschool programs only available to iKids U students. iKids U follows the school schedule but sometimes parents just need that extra day of care. For an additional fee, Early Dismissal Play Days provide fun activities around a theme. iKids U may bring in special guests such as the Fire Department, Natural Science Museum docents, magicians, and more!

iKids U Summer and School Break Camps

iKids U is not just an After School program! When school is out on break, we have great care options for our iKids to continue their learning and fun. Our camps are offered, like our afterschool programs, conveniently on campus at your child’s school. With over 20 fun-filled themed full-day and half-day camp options, kids enjoy spending time with friends, and learning and playing together, along with our caring staff. Full time camps last 30 hours a week and may be offered with optional before/aftercare options in certain locations. Half day camps may be 4 or 5 days a week. Check with your local Program Director for more information and to register today for the best camps around town! Join us this year for a fun Summer Camp!
Animation Adventures
Join us for this creative adventure into the world of animation. Marvel, cartooning, and our favorite characters are all a part of this week of fun!
Around the Wondrous World
Let’s end the summer blast with a festival exploring different parts of the world! Learn about different cultures, how people greet each other, their climates, unique traditions, dances, and more!
Beach Bonanza
It’s a beach party bonanza! Explore along the sands of the shore down into the depths of the ocean. Students will experience sand between their toes, have a sandcastle building contest and a luau dance party to wrap up the week!
Cirque Du Summer
Let’s round out summer with a bang! This weeks is all about high-flying fun. The students will enjoy the circus-themed activities as we spend the last few days of summer break together.
Decade Discoveries
Time to transport to different decades to explore the past, and shoot into the future. This exciting ride will take you from the roaring twenties to the stylish sixties and beyond!
Fire & Ice Capades
Let’s learn all about the contrast of these two forces of nature and experiment with testing the laws of physics as we know them. Students will enjoy invigorating activities, including making smoke without fire!
History’s Mysteries
Explore the past with iKids as we delve into time periods that fascinate the modern world. Dinosaurs, Catapults, Mummies, oh my! All these and more are awaiting your exploration during our History’s Mysteries Camp!
Holiday Hop
Do you have a favorite holiday? This week you won’t have to choose. Let’s celebrate everything on this holiday hop from our Nation’s independence to a spookily-fun costume contest!
iKids Island Adventure
The students will go on a fascinating adventure focused on island life! We will learn about different island cultures, enjoy a Hawaiian luau, hula dancing instruction, and more!
Land Ho! A Pirates Expedition
It’s a pirate’s life for us! Hop on board and join the crew of the S.S.I.K.I.D. as we explore the seas, discover new lands and uncover treasure along the way!
Lego Masters & Innovators 
Do you have what it takes to be a Lego Master builder? Together we will race to the finish through creative competitions and building challenges. Students will engineer towering sculptures and more utilizing an amazing assortment of Lego sets.
Literary Luau
Hula on over to iKids Island for a Literary Luau! Each day we’ll have fun celebrating a variety of book types from Fairy Tales to Mysteries! We’ll learn about different genres, creative writing, and illustrating to inspire our readers and writers!
Medieval Mysteries

The students will explore the mysterious medieval times. They will learn about important historical components of this time period, re-create medieval castles, catapults, etc. 

Oceanic Exploration

We are diving deep into the ocean this week! Explore the beauties and wonders of the underwater world including sea animals and coral reefs. 

Operation Pre-Historic

Dinosaurs galore! The students will enjoy excavation activities and fossil-making fun, as they learn about the amazing dinosaurs, their habitats, and how they’ve contributed to our life today. 

Park Parade

Activities will be centered around famous parks from theme parks to national parks! Learn about geography, what makes them special, and more! It’s going to be a wild ride so buckle up. 

Safari Expedition

Hop in as we go on an adventure-filled safari! The students will be figuratively transported to a safari region to discover intriguing information about animals and the climactic terrain. 

Seasonal Surprises

Seasons come and go but the fun remains the same. Students will be immersed in a different season each camp day, comparing and contrasting the major seasons while exploring the wonders that each season brings. 

Super Stars and Stripes

Let’s celebrate our nations independence! The students will enjoy a variety of activities focused on the USA and the celebration of patriotism as we kick-off the upcoming July 4th holiday. 

The Animal Express

ALL ABOARD! Take a figurative train ride around the world, making stops at different animal habitats along the way. Explore the jungle, a safari, a desert and more! 

Wacky Water Works

We are kicking of summer vacation with the best way to “beat the heat”, water works! Hold on tight for this slippery adventure. Be sure to pack a swimsuit. You’re going to get wet!