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Cullen Elementary

Customizable After-School Care with iKids U!
Craft a tailored schedule for your child and pay ONLY for the after-school care you need. Choose the days of the week and number of hours that suit your family's schedule, and leave the rest to us!
Stay, Play, & Learn!
Each day, every iKid participates in our daily learning activity PLUS enjoy snack time (parents provide all snacks), homework time, as well as free/recreational playtime with friends! ‘The Stay, Play, & Learn’ program
includes a fun, monthly educational theme with key, built-in learning activities.
1 day per week2 days per week3 days per week4 days per week5 days per week
Starts at $40*Starts at $80*Starts at $120*Starts at $160*5th Day Free!
*iKids U tuition installments are billed monthly
Discover a range of enriching experiences available right at your school! Enrichment classes run once a week throughout the school year, usuall right after dismissal, keeping learning alive beyond the classroom! Enrollment is open and ongoing but classes fill quickly so register right away!
1 enrichment class:2 enrichment classes:3 enrichment classes:4 enrichment classes:
*iKids U tuition installments are billed monthly
Our flexible model allows parents to enroll their children in JUST Enrichment classes, JUST Stay, Play, & Learn!, or BOTH our Stay, Play & Learn! program PLUS Enrichments.

We offer drop-ins and later pickup options when you enroll part time in Stay, Play, & Learn! or just with
your child's part time Enrichment schedule! Complete our online registration, or contact our friendly
team at centraltexas@ikidsu.com or 888-824-4885 to create and book your child's unique schedule!
One-Time Registration Fee of $40
One-Time Deposit of $100 (applied to your first month's tuition)
We finalize all schedules on a first-come, first-served basis.
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Certain school locations may have a nominal monthly Venue Use Fee. For inquiries regarding whether this fee applies to your school, please contact us at 888-824-4885.

Stay, Play, & Learn!

The Stay, Play, & Learn! program at iKids U is our most popular afterschool program for both pre-school and school-aged children! We understand each child has unique developmental needs and affinities, and that’s why we provide choice for each of our students. Our passionate, qualified instructors offer students fun plus enriching activity stations each day, allowing children to choose their own afterschool learning adventure. We believe iKids U is where you can be YOU!

Each day every iKid participates in our daily learning activity PLUS enjoys snack time (parents provide all snacks), homework time, as well as free/recreational playtime with friends! The Stay, Play, & Learn program includes a monthly theme with 5 rotating learning activities for each day of the week including: Brainy Games, STEAM FUN, iKids Create, Moovin’ Groovin’ and Imagination Station! Our special play-based lessons and supportive staff together are designed to offer the best of skill-practice plus social-emotional learning opportunities in a safe + nurturing environment for every student we serve.

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Enrichment Options

iKids U stands apart from other After School options as we are a proud ‘One-Stop-Afterschool-Shop’™ provider for parents, kids and schools. Along with a core afterschool program, we offer a variety of super-fun and educational one-hour weekly enrichment classes for elementary aged students! These fun introductory classes are created with young learners in mind to encourage interest in a topic and allow them to explore the topic further! Our instructors are trained to accommodate each child’s unique learning style and allow our students the same choice that they receive in any of our program options when it comes to HOW they want to learn.

Our flexible model allows parents to enroll their children in JUST enrichment classes, or BOTH our ‘Stay, Play & Learn’ afterschool care program PLUS your choice of enrichments.

This coming school year will include Enrichment options like Coding/Robotics, Multicultural Arts, Science, Spanish, Cooking, Sports Skills, Chess, Drama, and much more. Let us know what topics your child is interested in!

Registration Now Open!

Summer Camps at Sunfield Elementary

iKids U Summer Camps are available for our students!
Our all-week, full-day camps are super fun and filled with activities and learning opportunities we reserve for the best time of the year – the summer!

Whether your child is interested in Coding and Robotics or Sports or Science or just making new friends, iKids U has you covered!

June 17 – June 21: Foodie Fun ($300)
June 24 – June 28: Down By The Seashore ($360)
July 8 – July 12: My Purrfect Pet ($360)
July 15 – July 19: Build A City ($360)
July 29 – August 2: All Around Fun ($360)

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